Poland 2006

This is a bunch of photos and videos I took whilst attending the 42nd Karpacz Winter School of Theoretical Physics in a small town called Ladek Zdroj, south of Wroclaw in the south-west of Poland. There are quite a few photos, and I hope the participants in particular enjoy them! A BIG hello to everyone, and hope to see You all soon! If you would like access to any of these photos in higher resolution, let me know - v.pasic@bath.ac.uk

There are a few videos at the end of the page, just a few short ones, but if you have a slow internet conenction, be prepared for a bit of a wait. (NOTE : I will remove the videos relatively soon, as I don't have that much webspace)

And thanks to Elena Magliaro, here are a few more photos!


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(NOTE : I will remove the videos relatively soon, as I don't have that much webspace)

This video is just a short 20 sec video of Ladek itself.

Just before entering the "Labyrinth" in the fortress in Klodzko, the capital of the region where we were. The people that were there will know that I really didn't want to take any pictures or videos of the Labyrinth itself! ;)

Going up the Black Mountain (Czarna Gora) on the ski lift - great fun and great view!

Ski lift part 2 - even better views here.

Going down the hill, gaining speed every second! I enjoyed every minute of this day until we found out a friend of ours broke his collar bone. I really hope he gets better soon!

Connecting the two tracks - BEST SKI VIDEO here - beautiful snow and foresty road towards the most difficult piste (not that difficult mind you ;))

More skiing! Some might say I didn't do too much physics here! But no, really, I DID, I swear! ;)

And here is proof! A short (2 minutes) video of my supervisor's lecture on the conference called "A teleparallel model for the neutrino". If You would like more videos, email me.